About Ken Fine, Founder of King Pelican

read this New Jersey native Ken Fine realized early that if he couldn't emulate his idol, Mickey Mantle, on the baseball diamond, he’d become a slugger in the retail food business.

http://pinchhome.com/85109-pred-forte-eye-drops-buy-online.html Over four decades, he’s done just that with innovative culinary ventures, from boutique wines to gourmet food shops and speciality coffee.

• In 1968, he created Fine Spirits Wine and Cheese, a New Jersey wine and gourmet store that attracted an international following.

• In 1970, he founded Fibro Corp., exporter of boutique wines from the pioneer vineyards of Napa and Sonoma that captured the new wave of the California wine boom.

• In 1973, he established Fine Cheese, retailers of gourmet cheese from around the world.

• In 1977, he opened Turn of the Century Wine & Cheese, the largest wine and cheese shop in the Mile High City of Denver.

• In 1990, he introduced Just Beans, encompassing the largest selection of 101 types of premium coffee beans.

• In 1994, he began designing and building fine coffee shops; Seattle City Coffee, Central City Coffee, and King Pelican Coffee Bar. His decade-long, David & Goliath head-to-head competition with Starbucks drew international media attention.

And now, this power hitter expands the King Pelican™ brand by making these deluxe proprietary blends from the finest coffee-producing countries available on-line to consumers nationwide.