The King Pelican Story

“I have found the perfect coffee”...If you’re one of those discriminating people who desires a great cup of coffee every time, your prayers have been answered.  Introducing the perfect coffee  - King Pelican™ Brand.

So what do pelicans have to do with great coffee?  On a visit to Seattle, the coffee capital of the world, King Pelican founder Ken Fine sought refuge from a sudden downpour in a tiny, waterfront café named the Pelican Coffee Bar.  In that café he beheld the most delicious, aromatic scent of freshly brewed coffee and he had to taste it.  The Scandinavian proprietor delivered a mug of the best coffee Ken had ever tasted, it was strong, rich, flavorful, full bodied and smooth with no bitterness, it was the “perfect cup of coffee.”  Ken later learned that the Pelican Coffee Bar was named by its proprietor Nils Johansen for the famed birds that populated his beloved home place in Key West, Florida.  The family formula being used, small batches of the finest coffee beans that was carefully hand-blended and roasted, had been passed down through generations of Johansens; emanating in Sweden, emigrating to Key West and landing in Seattle.

Ken asked this “master roaster” to allow him to replicate his special formula so that coffee lovers on the East Coast could also enjoy the perfect cup of coffee.  After spirited discussions over several stormy days and many cups of steamy coffee, Ken's new friend finally agreed and King Pelican™ was born.

A month later, Ken took out a small ad in The Wall Street Journal and the response was immediate and overwhelming.  Now, through the miracle of the Internet, you too can experience the world’s greatest coffee.  We offer various selections of King Pelican™ Brand Coffee ranging from medium, dark, decaffeinated and hazelnut, all hand-sorted and micro-batch roasted in limited quantities. All of our blends are roasted fresh daily from the most select beans available and shipped directly to your door.

You can also find out more about our founder, Ken Fine, by clicking here.