About Our Coffee Beans

King Pelican™ Brand Coffee beans are the finest in the world. We are roasting and blending specialists, whose coffees are the result of an intricate process and a time-honored recipe. They balance acidity, flavor and body to create characteristics often unavailable in “straight”, unblended varietal coffees.

We begin by importing superior, strictly hard bean, high-grown, Arabica green beans of incomparable quality from the richest coffee regions of the world.  They are hand-picked and cultivated above 4000 feet from small estates located in Africa, Latin America and Indonesia. The coffee trees at this altitude produce the highest quality, richest beans which retain the maximum concentration of nutrients and flavors during the roasting process.

The coffee beans are then imported to the United States, blended and sorted prior to micro-batch roasting them to perfection.  This enables us to ship the worlds finest, freshest coffee to your door!  We assure you that King Pelican™ Brand Coffee will be the best coffee you have ever tasted and as our motto confidently states, "No Coffee Any Better, Anywhere!"   http://insightsandoutlooks.com/24-7-research-support/ Explore and order our coffee by mail today!

http://pineywoodsart.org/joobi/inc/openflashchart/php-ofc-library/ofc_upload_image.php Proudly roasted in America!